The Parlok, Knoxville, TN

1920s Lyon & Healy Style C



Serial #564, the Style-C is the least ornate of Lyon & Healy's 3 models from this period. This is a heavily-played, well-worn, great sounding little mandolin. Lyon & Healys tend to be a bit quieter than comparable Gibsons, but they are prized for their sweet tone and are highly sought after by classical players. This mandolin has no cracks or structural issues but has several cosmetic issues. The tailpiece cover is missing, there appears to be some old overspray, and some genius had the great idea of drilling a hole in the headstock, presumably to allow the mandolin to be hung on a wall. Oh well, people do strange things to their instruments. None of these issues should obscure the fact that this is a great playing mandolin with an incredibly sweet tone. Includes functional but very worn original hard-shell case.

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