The Parlok, Knoxville, TN


Return Policy/Approval Period:

Please note The Parlor specializes in "players" grade vintage instruments. Unless otherwise noted, most of the instruments we sell bear the wear & tear appropriate to their age. We make every effort to disclose significant issues (i.e. major repairs, replaced parts, etc.). That being said, we don't always catch everything, and different buyers have different standards. This is why all of the instruments we sell come with a 48-hour approval period. Just inform us within 2 days of receipt of the instrument that you wish to return it, and we will accept the return with no questions asked. In the event of a return, the buyer is responsible for return shipping/insurance as well as a 3% restocking fee if the original payment was made by credit card (this covers our credit card processing fees, which we have to pay regardless of whether or not a transaction is refunded). No warranty is expressed or implied on any item we sell, and all sales are final.

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