The Parlok, Knoxville, TN

Josh Sidman

Instruments Taught: 
mandolin, upright & electric bass
Instructor Image: 

Josh first set foot in Knoxville in 2005 while on tour with the “hillbilly gothic” bluegrass band The Earl Brothers. After several visits to Knoxville, he moved here in 2006. Since then he has played in a dozen local bands and appeared on virtually every stage in town.


In terms of musical background, Josh spent his childhood playing classical oboe. He then dropped music entirely for many years before developing a passion for bluegrass in his mid-20s. He learned to play the mandolin and within a few years was touring the country as a bluegrass musician. Since moving to Knoxville he has played old-time music with the Maid Rite Stringband, swing with Christabel & The Jons, psych-folk with deek hoi, and honky-tonk rock & roll with the Barstool Romeos.


The experience of having “started from scratch” as an adult makes Josh particularly well-suited to guiding students through the musical learning process. Unlike musicians who have been doing it all their lives and might therefore have a hard time explaining what they are doing, Josh is particularly strong at presenting and explaining technique in a clear and systematic way.


Josh is also the owner/manager of The Parlor.

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