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The Lonetones

"The Lonetones have perfected contemporary Appalachian music," according to Blank Newspaper. But that might not mean exactly what you think. Wayne Bledsoe of the Knoxville News Sentinel notes that "it's a group that isn't hemmed in by any boundaries... the Lonetones have developed into a genre-bending group that doesn't quite fit into any niche and instead feels right almost everywhere."

The Lonetones are known for their unique arrangements and strong songwriting. Sometimes you'll catch them playing electric guitar and keyboards - other times mandolin and banjo. Their flexibility makes them fit many types of venues from listening rooms to Americana festivals to indie-rock bars.

They have opened for Sam Bush and the Carolina Chocolate Drops, among others. They have performed at the Bristol Rythm and Roots, The Atlantis Music Conference, Jammin' at Hippie Jacks Americana Music Festival, The Tennessee Theatre and the Rythym and Blooms Festival. Their most recent album, Modern Victims, stayed on the national Roots Music Charts for several weeks and was named a top-10 album of 2012 by the Knoxville New Sentinel.

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